Dog Walking Pet Care Equine Visits

Pet Care visits are provided for a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, guinea pigs and rabbits.

We ensure your pet has fresh water, has garden access if required and can feed them. We also have experience in administering medication including injections.

Our Pet Care visits include Puppy Visits, which are ideal if you have a puppy that needs stimulation,  and letting out more frequently or feeding during the day.

They also include Equine Care visits, which can include turning out, bringing in, mucking out, grooming and lunging.

Pet Care Chickens Runcorn

We can also clean out cages, tanks & muck out.

We also have experience in administering Physiotherapy, First Aid and caring for injured animals.

We also offer a Holiday Essentials Bag to be dropped off during our visits.  This can include, Milk, Bread, Bacon or Sausages & Fruit. Alternatives can be arranged upon request.

We are also happy to water plants, close curtains, turn lights on or off and put the bins out for collection if required.

We are also a member of NARPS -National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers.


Home Visit Prices

Our Home Visit rates are:

£5.50 for 15 minutes

£7.50 for 30 minutes

 60 minute home visits have limited availability. Prices and availability upon request.

Our Pet Medication Visits are:

£13 for 60 minutes per member of staff.

Please note that two members of staff must be present at medication and injection visits unless otherwise agreed.

Our Holiday Essentials Bag is:

£5 per bag

Bags include, Milk, Bread, Bacon or Sausages & Fruit.


Our prices include all animals that require care within the property.