Willow Runcorn Dog

Gemma and Amy have been walking Willow since he was a little pup. They are both genuinely lovely and truly passionate about their business and the animals they care for. Willow recently stayed at Gemma's as her first home boarder whilst I was on holiday and quite obviously had a ball with her Boxer dog - Mara. Though I was mortified when she showed me a photo of him burying himself in her leather sofa!!!!!! She didn't seem phased at all and treated him like her own. He would be in the 'doghouse' if he did that at home ;-)

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Creature Comforts Cheshire to anyone looking for peace of mind when they are either at work or away to look after their pets. They will love, cuddle and care for your pet as if they were their own.

Anna Steele


After being off on Maternity for 9 months I was concerned how Marley, our 4 year old little Shih Tzu, was going to manage, especially after having us home for all that time. Needless to say within a matter of weeks Marley slipped into a depressive state, losing his hair and his personality with it. If you are anything like me, and your animal is more than just a pet.....more like a family member, than you would be right in thinking we were concerned and worried. Creature Comforts Cheshire were recommended to us and I contacted them immediately for their dog walking services.

It was important that Marley took to his walker and within minutes he made a friend for life with Gemma. All the staff have great empathy with animals, they are kind caring and wonderfully lovely. The difference in Marley has been amazing, a complete transformation! No longer do we come home to mess or destruction. We come home to a happy settled dog. He adores Gemma and has made many, many friends during his time with the gang. We cannot sing their praises enough and are so happy we made that call and know that Marley is in safe hands. He is cared for with such love it's as if he is Gemma's own dog. A VERY happy customer. And we hope to continue this great relationship, for us and more importantly Marley. From the bottom of my heart Thank You!

Hailey Clarke



Macy has been looked after by the team since the company started and she is one happy pooch! Her craziness when they arrive to pick her up for a walk is uncontrollable I wouldn't have it any other way! She is one happy dog, which makes me a happy owner.

Thank you Creature Comforts, you are doing a sterling job, keep up the good work!

Angie Taylor



This is our third month of using the services of Creature Comforts Cheshire and we have been delighted with the service we have received. Between deciding to get our Labrador puppy, and actually getting him, our work commitments had changed, meaning that we needed to find a dog walker at fairly short notice. On deciding to use the services of Creature Comforts, we were totally reassured from the outset. Before Heather began to walk Monty, she visited us (and him!) to introduce herself, show us necessary documentation around insurance etc., to find out our exact requirements and about Monty's routine. This was very reassuring for us, and we went to work feeling totally at ease that Monty would be cared for whilst we were out.

Heather initially visited twice a day, which was appropriate to our young puppy's needs as he was not allowed out on walks at that point. We were kept very well informed via text messages or e mail as to how Monty had been which, again, was reassuring for us. We have now progressed to Monty going on a 30 minute walk with another dog each day which he loves!

Heather has kept us informed at every step of the way and is extremely knowledgeable about dogs development, using her knowledge to build up the length of his walks when he is ready. Heather is more than a dog walker - she offers advice and works cooperatively with us as we train Monty. It is so obvious to us how much she cares for our puppy. We also love to check Facebook each evening to see photos of what Monty has been up to each day!

In a nutshell, we are thrilled with the service we receive from Creature Comforts Cheshire and from Heather. We benefit from a totally professional and reliable service and are always fully updated with our puppy's progress and well being. Thank you!

Clare Jones